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nolvenn le goff

Nolvenn Le Goff
artista multidisciplinar
especialista en papel

A través de sus proyectos, Nolvenn busca destacar la belleza de las cosas simples, las cuales en nuestro frenético estilo de vida pasan casi siempre desapercibidas.

Nos propone hacer una pausa para reflexionar sobre lo realmente importante en la vida.

Valores como la paciencia, la bondad, la empatía y el amor son las herramientas que pueden ayudarnos a armonizar tanto nuestro mundo interior como el exterior.


¿Porqué trabajar con papel?

Como todo lo material, el papel está subvalorado. Lo consumimos y desechamos con una facilidad escandalosa. Olvidamos que detrás de su aparente simplicidad se esconde el alma de la naturaleza: concentra años de sol, aire, tierra y agua en perfecto equilibrio.


Con mi trabajo intento devolverle su dignidad, rendir tributo a la naturaleza y generar en el espectador una reflexión sobre el origen de los recursos que consumimos.


El amor a lo bello ha sido causa de todo lo bueno que hay en los cielos y en la tierra.


Nolvenn Le goff


Half French and half Mexican, Nolvenn le Goff relocated to Barcelona in 2005 from her native Mexico City in order to complete her Masters in Marketing. Nolvenn previously majored in Graphic design and two specialist degrees, multimedia with creative advertising and editorial design, both completed at the Design School of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.


In 2010 Nolvenn decided to make her entrance into the world of fine arts. She questioned her role as an artist, subjects and themes that interested her and how she could reflect them in her future projects. During this period, she embarked on 2 projects dealing with her concern for environmental issues: one being an artistic recycling project and other titled Paper Cities, which was one of her most rewarding projects due to the visual and technical development.  Paper Cities won 3rd place at the bARTcelona International Contemporary Art Reward in 2010.  Nolvenn continued to gain recognition for Paper Cities when she was granted a two months art residency at the eco-museum Papeterie de Vaux in France. One of her residency pieces went on to be shown at the Salon d’art Art en Capital, at the Grand Palais de Paris in 2012.


Pursuing her dreams further, Nolvenn founded Talent Lab in 2014, a small gallery and studio space in Barcelona. Talent Lab became a meeting point for artists and the public to grow and inspire each other and a place to create new and bigger projects. One of these artists introduced Nolvenn to the world of sacred geometry, inspiring her next project: Harmonious Sets.


This new project, purely geometric, seeks to raise awareness that we all share a common origin and that our actions affect the whole and ourselves. For Nolvenn the main work of an artist is their own life, and their work is simply the reflection of it.

Since childhood, Nolvenn dreamed of making this world a better place. She discovered that you can change the world with a smile and that exemplary behaviors are worth more than any speech and that tolerance, patience and love are the only things that can transform humanity and bring light to the darkest places.

So far, all her projects are based on a philosophy of life, but these reflections and the personal evolution of the artist led her to her latest work: The Wing. This is her most personal and intimate series.


The Wing is full of symbolism and metaphors: the wing of an angel represents the values and the purity that Nolvenn tries to maintain in her personal life, a push to go against the social norm, where selfishness seems to prevail. The Pegasus Wing represents the world of fantasy, magic and mysticism that serves as Nolvenn’s place of refuge and inspiration to follow her dreams.  The Bird Wing represents a current period in her life, where maturity has arrived.


It is the moment to open her wings and fly, to shake the fear and the doubts, and jump into the emptiness, while knowing everything will come out well.  The moment has arrived to leave the security of the nest, the safety of a salaried work environment, to begin the flight and discover how far her wings will take her.

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