Conjuntos Armoniosos / Harmonius Sets


There is nothing independent, 120x120x15cms



The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent.

All beings and things are residents in your awareness.
Alex Gray


According to the ancient mayan people, humans, plants, animals, minerals, stars and galaxies, are all part of the god Hunab Ku. We find patterns and proportions at the macro and micro scale, repeated in everything around us : sacred geometry is the evidence that everything has a common origin. It also ties together the existence of a creator among other names such as Mother Nature, God, the Great Architect, or the Big Bang, etc.

This work, reflects on the unit as a starting point but without forgetting that it is part of the whole.  An individual piece can be the centre of the mandala and generate its own universe through geometric compositions.  The same piece also finds its place in the complexity of the entire compostion. As we understand those concepts, our consciousness becomes compassionate with a higher level of respect to seek inner and outer harmony, in order to form a balanced whole.


There is nothing independent, 120x120x15 cm, detail



«Humanos, plantas, animales, minerales, estrellas y galaxias, todos formamos parte de una misma unidad, un mismo Dios: Hunab Ku”, según los antiguos mayas. Encontramos patrones y proporciones que se repiten a macro y micro escala: la geometría sagrada insiste en demostrar la existencia de un origen común y a su vez la existencia de Dios, Madre Naturaleza, Gran Arquitecto, Big Bang, etc.

Esta serie reflexiona sobre la unidad como punto de partida, pero formando parte del todo. El individuo como centro del mandala genera su propio universo y a través de las composiciones geométricas encuentra su lugar en la complejidad del universo.

El objetivo es encontrar la armonía interior y exterior para lograr formar un conjunto armonioso.



Uni·Verse, Paper Sculpture, 125×110 cm, paper & wood
Ollin, 60×60 cm, paper on wood.
mandala, 60×60 cm, paper on wood.














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